Catherine from Barcelona

 Where do we know you from?
I´m an interior designer and stylist from Barcelona, author of two blogs; www.eljardindelosmuffins.com/    (about vintage decoration) and www.CatherineLovesRoses.blogspot.com  (where I share everything that inspires me and my illustrations).



 What does “living” mean to you?
 I love recycling flea market finds and putting together different styles to create a unique and welcoming atmosphere.

Can you describe your own Style?  
Cosy and warm furnishings, a soft palette of colours and restored elements inspired by classical French and English interiors.

How did you get hooked on “living”?
The love for decoration and antiques runs in the family!!  My granddad was an antique dealer and I learned since I was little to see the hidden beauty in “not so perfect” objects…


what do you think, RULES or FEELING?
 That special feeling you have when you know you have just found the perfect colour combination , although the “official rules of decoration” say you cannot mix those hues together… Follow your heart!!

Do you prefer new or old?
Sorry about this one but…my heart is divided!!

Can you describe “atmosphere” in your eyes?
When a space feels like home.

What you you think about “Dutch living”?
I must confess I have learned a lot about what Dutch living means since I started blogging and met wonderful Dutch bloggers!! I love your eye for detail, your love for handmade and artisan products, and the great way you use color and patterns!!

Is there a big difference with “living”in your country?
In my country there is a big difference between the North and South, weather in the North is much colder and rainy than the South, and this clearly influences the style in interiors, the architecture, the colours and fabrics used in decoration…

Do you often change your interior or do you just add or move stuff around every now and then?
I cannot say how many times I change the decoration in my house ( too many!)  My house is where I try new styles, colours, furniture and accessories that lately I will use in my clients´projects.

Right or wrong: “show me how you live and I tell you who you are”?
Haha I totally agree!! Can I add “Or who is your interior designer?” ;)

 Do you have a favourite designer/brand/shop/city?
Designer: So difficult to choose just one, but Marcel Wanders is one of my favourites!! Brands: I prefer vintage pieces and giving a second life to wonderful objects! Shop: Anthropology City: Barcelona ( but London and Paris are always in my heart too!!)

Do you follow trends?
 I would like to think that I don´t follow trends at all!! But I guess it´s impossible not to be influenced by trends, even if it´s just a little...


Is there something else we just have to know about you?
One thing I would NEVER use in interiors is fur. A dead animal is not a piece of decoration.

I would like to thank you  for this lovely interview, it has been a pleasure


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